Dirty Food: Sticky, Saucy, Gooey, Crumbly, Messy, Shareable Food

"Who decided some foods are 'cleaner' than others?"

Eating is at the very core of our being. It's a deeply personal thing, reflective of our tastes and feelings, our environments, relationships, cultures and histories. Food is comforting and nostalgic, the heart of social occasions and celebrations both small and significant. So much of this is lost when it's stripped clean.

Food is also inherently messy, both the cooking and the eating of it; the sticky, gooey, crumbly saucy qualities of any given dish generally correlate to its level of deliciousness. And so here's a collection of sloppy, messy, and even just dirty-sounding recipes for your nourishment and enjoyment, all best served in good company. You may require an extra stack of napkins, but may the food on your table bring joy to those around it.