AHR's Guide to Giving

December 05, 2021

AHR's Guide to Giving

It's the most wonderful time of the year...except for the stress of figuring out what to buy for each and every person on your list. Well, we've got a few suggestions to help with gifts for some of your favorite people: the Hostess, the Cook, the Design Lover, the Bartender, and the Homebody. Really though, our ideas aren't just limited to these five categories, hostess gifts can apply to teachers, bartender gifts might work for your Dad, and homebody gifts for your daughter who just got her first apartment.

Whoever you're buying for, we hope this takes a little stress out of your holiday season and, in exchange, gives you a bit more quality time with Jude Law in The Holiday ;).


The Hostess with the Mostest

They've been the consummate host and kept you fed, watered, and entertained. Show your appreciation with a little something special that seals the deal for a return visit. 

Hostess Gift Guide

  1. Ten & Co. Sponge Cloth - $6.50
  2. Linen Coasters - $28.00
  3. Turkish Hand Towel - $15.00
  4. Holiday Candle - $32.00
  5. Buffalo Plaid Appetizer Plates - $14.00
  6. Bottle Tag - $5.00
  7. Wine Bag -  $14.00
  8. Hobnail Taper + Votive Holder - $15.00
  9. Taper Candles - $4.50 each
  10. Place Card Banners - $20.00
  11. Cookies I Have Loved - $19.95


The Cook

Whether your beloved cook is as proficient as Julia Child or as hapless as the Swedish Chef, these ideas will show them that the secret ingredient in your gift is love.

Home Chef Gift Guide

  1. Ten & Co. Sponge Cloth - $6.50
  2. Kitchen Towel - $40.00
  3. Teak Spoon - $20.00
  4. Salt Cellar - $28.00
  5. Basket Weave Bowl - $55 - $74
  6. Crossback Linen Apron - $84.00
  7. Crochet Trivet - $15.00
  8. Spouted Bowls, Set of 3 - $39.00
  9. Gold Dual End Scoop - $12.00
  10. Hammered Copper Mixing Bowl - $28.00
  11. Essential Ottolenghi - $65.00
Design Lover

We all have that one person in our life that strikes fear in our hearts when it comes time to buy them a gift. Knock their cashmere socks off with a few of our favorite things and when they look at you, surprised, just shrug and in your very best Elle Woods voice say, "What, like it was hard?"

Design Lover Gift Guide

  1. The Cove Throw - $125
  2. Black Metal Eucalyptus Wreath - $159
  3. Wooden Chain Links - $86.00
  4. Grey Stoneware Candle Holder - $32.00
  5. Black Taper Candles - $4.50 each
  6. Square Marble Tray - $69 - $89
  7. The Interior Design Handbook - $35.00
  8. Copper Patina Trays- $84 - $110
  9. U-Shaped Vase - $84.00
  10. Oak Candle - $32.00
  11. A Tale of Interiors - $80.00


The Bartender

They're the only people who don't hesitate to make a cocktail requiring a simple syrup and muddling, so why not make sure they have everything they need to get the job done. Because when the bartender's happy, we all win.

 Bartender Gift Guide

  1. Clear Pebble Wine Glass - $18.00
  2. The Galley Kitchen Towels, Set of 2 - $40.00
  3. Embossed Drinking Glass - $14.00
  4. Dusk Scalloped Plate - $21.00
  5. Wine Snob Book - $10.99
  6. Garcon Apron - $84.00
  7. Did You Bring Wine Doormat - $32.00
  8. Linen Coasters - $24.00
  9. Wine Folly - $34.00
  10. Round Marble Coasters - $29.00
  11. Craft Cocktails - 26.95


The Homebody

Is this pretty much a gift guide for me? Yes, yes it is. Because leaving your house is highly overrated.

Homebody Gift Guide

  1. If Only Home Sheets - $199 - $219
  2. Piecework Puzzle - $46 - $56
  3. Fern Double Width Bathmat - $122
  4. Large Square Basket - $74.00
  5. Rectangular Marble Vanity Tray - $79.00
  6. Chambray Linen Pillow - $119
  7. Oasis Runner - $174.00
  8. Willow Wreath on Stand - $94.00
  9. Waffle Hand Towel - $39.00
  10. Bronze Dip Trays, Set of 2 - $74.00
  11. Shore Washed Throw - $140.00
  12. Glass Votive Holders - $12 - $14

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