AHR's Guide to Glamping

July 11, 2021

AHR's Guide to Glamping

Well, let’s just go ahead and state the obvious right off the top: I’m the last person who should be doling out advice on camping, you know it, I know it, the spider I just saw in my basement knows it. But read that title again because there’s an important distinction you may have missed. Yes, there’s a “gl” where the “c” should be and that, my friends, means it’s my time to shine.

Glamping. Wikipedia describes it as “a portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, and describes a level of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with ‘traditional’ camping”. Look, I love being at one with nature just as much as the next person (ok, maybe not quite as much), but who among us wouldn’t find nature a little more enjoyable with some of the comforts of home?

Now some of you might be thinking “But that’s the whole point of camping, to venture out into the wilderness with only the necessities and our wits and wiles to keep us alive”. And to that I say, settle down Laura Ingalls Wilder, the last time I saw anyone using their wits and wiles to survive a camp site was when the national parks banned liquor on long weekends. Look, if really roughing it is your jam, you have my respect but this here's for the indoorsy ones: those of us who don’t like bugs or the feeling of bug spray, who can’t stand sticky hands no matter how delicious the marshmallow and who don’t like the beach because, well, sand. There ain't no shame in our indoor game and we're about to take that game into survival mode so here, without further ado, is An Honest Room's Guide to Glamping.

The Hang Out

Picture it: A light breeze sways you gently from side to side as tree leaves rustle softly above. While turning the page of your book, you glance up to see your significant other walking towards you with a glass of chilled rose. You sigh happily and tuck your feet up into the sun warmed canvas of your hammock chair. Life is good. Life is really good. End scene.

Hanging canvas hammock chair.

 A Soft Place to Land

Down filled with a cotton cover, our classic Ticking Stripe Pillows are super versatile. Use them in a hammock chair, add a little cushioning to your campfire seating or style them in your camper for a custom look. At the end of the weekend, slip the covers off and toss them in the washing machine so they’re fresh and ready to go for your next trip.

Stack of ticking stripe pillows in beige, black, navy and red stripe.

 This Must Be the Place

You know you’ve arrived, let everyone know they have too. Unless you have a more pressing issue. Unlike me, this coir doormat is built to withstand the elements and, also unlike me, can be hosed down when it gets dirty.

Like a Sea Captain’s Widow

Oh, you like to stand on the jagged rocks over windswept beaches staring into the middle distance while looking glamorously unkempt, the sinking sun gilding your tousled mane? There’s a towel for that. Whether you like the neutral animal print of The Banyan, the diamond pattern and tasseled fringe of The Coastal, or the sporty terry cloth and stripes of The Loki or The Lark, once you try a Tofino Towel, you’ll be ruined for all others.

Beige and white stripe Tofino Towel with fringe

Get Fleeced

There is no better blanket for curling up in front of the campfire or taking the edge off a chilly night in the tent than a fleece lined Tofino Towel Throw. Both The Coastal and The Journey are machine washable and available in multiple colors. I could say more, but I’m pretty sure I had you at fleece lined.

Grey patterned throw with fleece lining

C’mon Baby Light My

Temper + Lace candle, because sometimes there’s a fire ban and like Smokey says, “Only you can prevent wildfires". Not to mention, with their crackling wood wicks and luscious scents you won’t miss that campfire one bit.

Patio Lanterns

You’re a fancy camper, set the tone with these Moroccan inspired punched metal lanterns. Available in two styles and sizes. Hang them or group them for maximum impact. I’m trying really hard not to quote Kim Mitchell here, so let’s move along before I say something we’ll all regret.

Four punched metal lanterns of various sizes and shapes.

Dirty Food

If you’re eating clean when you’re camping, you’re doing it wrong. Sloppy Joes, Dirty Fries, Smash Burgers, Trashy Cookies; Dirty Food takes messy, shareable food very seriously. Author Julie Van Rosendaal says “Food is comforting and nostalgic, the heart of social occasions and celebrations both small and significant.”, seems like the perfect cookbook to accompany an activity based wholeheartedly around making memories.

Dirty Food Cookbook cover with white plate with spaghetti sauce.

Set the Table

A picnic table-scape? We’ve got you covered. Our paper table runners and placemats will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your standard issue camp site table and can be recycled or burned post use. Our favorites? The French Frame Placemat, the Chalkboard Runner and the classic picnic inspired Red Painted Check.

Roll of red checked paper table runner.

Sponge Bath

So, let me get this straight, people sign up to go into the woods and leave their dishwashers behind, making it necessary to do each and every dish by hand? At least throw a couple of our Swedish Sponge Cloths into the mix: stylish, anti-bacterial, and of course 100% biodegradable and compostable, because we all want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors for many years to come.

Orange and Lemon patterned sponge cloths on a marble countertop.

Well, there you have it folks, An Honest Room’s Guide to Glamping. If you too are more glamper than camper, I’d love to hear what you incorporate when heading into the wild. And if you prefer a “camp site” where a portion of the name reads Fairmont and requires a key card for entry, you’ll get no shade from me. Happy glamping!

PS- Yes, that archival image at the top is little me standing outside our old Starcraft tent trailer. Pretty sure if you really look closely, you can see a teeny tiny frown.


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