What's New for Spring

March 20, 2022

What's New for Spring

Just like a breath of fresh air, spring has arrived at An Honest Room! Everything feels so much lighter and brighter. We celebrated our second anniversary on Monday, March 14th and we’ve got some great new products, many of the highly requested! Here’s a little overview of what’s new in store.



At long last, furniture is coming! We’re excited to be working with an excellent Canadian supplier and expect our first shipment of coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables and accent pieces to arrive some time in May. The pieces will be a mix of wood, metal, and marble along with some stunning mirrors and a couple of great accessories for styling.

Rectangular wood coffee table with angled wood sides


The next most requested item in store? Sofas! Again, we’re thrilled to be working with a Canadian, family owned and operated company with over 40 years experience constructing fully customizable sofas, chairs, ottomans, upholstered headboards, and dining chairs. Lead times are sitting at 14-16 weeks, so if you’re considering a new sofa for fall, the time to get started is now!

Beige sofa with two rectangular back cushions


Tofino Towel Co. bedding has arrived! Expanding on our existing line of duvet covers and sheet sets, Tofino Towel bedding is made of 100% eco-friendly fair trade Turkish Cotton. At the moment we have two styles, the timeless striped Orion Duvet Cover, and the solid classic Eve Duvet Cover. In addition to duvet covers, The Breeze Waffle Bed Cover is here and it does not disappoint- luxurious, versatile and, well, let’s just say it’s not going to make getting out of bed any easier.


Faux Greens

As a designer, I’m not always completely sold on faux greenery. Nothing beats real, but in the dead of a Canadian winter, it can be very difficult to find delicately flowering branches for our favorite vases. And so, we’re going faux with a focus on the most natural looking pieces we can find: ferns, eucalyptus, berries, wreaths, and some small trees like the potted Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree- because who can keep those alive in real life?!

Bundles of faux eucalyptus


Last December we started carrying the Crave Bake at Home line of cake mixes, icings, and frozen cookie dough so it seemed only right to expand our line of party supplies! We’ll still carry Hester & Cook paper table runners and placemats but we’re adding a whole lot more of the delightful Meri-Meri to the mix: candles, scalloped bunting, plates and napkins, party hats, and crowns.

 Multi colored scalloped bunting

Greeting Cards

AHR is now home to the most beautiful and interactive line of greeting cards for all occasions. Some of the standouts? A delicate pop-up greenhouse, a Magic 8 Ball, a View Master, a pop-up campsite and a fortune cookie. Stay tuned for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

 Card with pop up fortune cookie


In addition to our regular collection of taper candles, we decided to try something a little more unique- Geo geometric pillar candles, available in quartz, citrus and cream, and Pleated 5” candles, available in olive and linen color. Candles in any form (tapered, pillars, scented, shaped) continue to grow in popularity and the options for styling them are endless.

 Pleated Olive Candles


We’ve got several new additions to books in both cooking and design with more on the way. The Lost Kitchen cookbook from the eponymous Magnolia Network show, Alison Roman’s Dining In and Half Baked Harvest’s Super Simple have landed in our kitchen section and Jenni Kayne’s Pacific Natural at Home, and The Happy Homebody will provide great design inspiration.

 image of Pacific Natural at Home book

We’re always looking for great new lines and we love to hear from you. If there’s something you’d like to see in store, let us know in the comments below!


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