The Happy Homebody: A Field Guide to the Great Indoors


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Musings, illustrations, and activities that remind you that laying low is cool—and actually good for you.

Picture your ideal day. Is it a lazy afternoon spent indoors, cuddled up on the couch with your coziest blankets and beloved animal friend(s)? Are tasty snacks (both good and bad for you) within reach? Is your favorite record playing on repeat? Is your phone on “do not disturb”? If so, then The Happy Homebody is for you.
A celebration of the simple pleasures of hanging out at home, The Happy Homebody encourages you to be mindful of the moments that make up your days, cherishing your quirky, creative spirit and cultivating a lifestyle that reflects what you truly love. In a world that favors the loud and the crowd, consider this book your permission slip to say “no thanks, I’m staying in today.” Then discard your shoes, slip into something comfy, and carve out a few uninterrupted hours to do whatever you want…or nothing at all.
The Happy Homebody includes:
• Inspirational quotes and musings for introverts
• Journaling prompts for self-reflection
• Playful indoor activities and illustrations
• Self-care tips for quiet types
• and more!